Welding Tips

What are the Disadvantages of Welded Connections? 
Welded connections cannot be expanded in any way. Contractions in the connection might cause it to become weak and after some time, it is prone to forming cracks.
Is it Bad to Get a Sunburn from Welding? 
Welding sunburn can be painful and can have long term effects on your health. And constant exposure to harmful UV rays and heat from welding can result in fatal consequences.
Transformer vs Inverter Welding Machine Comparison
In comparison to transformer welders, inverter-based technology is very light. The main distinction is that an inverter welding machine is much more efficient and lighter.
10 Advantages And 8 Disadvantages Of Friction Welding
The fundamental benefit of friction welding is the ease with which the joining may be accomplished. It is an environmentally benign method that produces no smoke!
How Many Amps Do You Need To Run A Welder?
Choosing an amperage setting is not as difficult and daunting as you would assume. Finding the optimum amperage for your weld should be simple if you keep these primary considerations in mind.
What Types of Welding is Used for Pressure Vessels?
Each arc welding procedure has advantages and disadvantages. It may generate high-quality welds, yet, if not used appropriately, each can produce poor weld. 
Disadvantages and Advantages of Plasma Arc Welding
Plasma arc welding has some drawbacks like it is a very noisy process. It also necessitates the use of highly trained welders.
What Is The Minimum Thickness That Can Be Welded In Ultrasonic Welding?
The minimum thickness that can be welded using the ultrasonic welding technique is 0.38mm. 
7 Advantages And 6 Limitations Of Electron Beam Welding
Electron beam welding has various advantages like it can weld metals that are both similar and different. It also has a high metal joining rate and low operating costs.
What Are The Advantages Of Resistance Welding?
The primary advantage of resistance welding is that no extra materials are required to form the connection, making this procedure incredibly cost effective.
What Type Of Welding Is Used For Car Frames?
Among the most used welding methods, both MIG and TIG are the most preferred techniques for working on car frames. Yet, the former is always given an upper hand over the latter for very specific reasons.
Can Rusted Metal be Welded? 
It is possible to weld rusted metal, however, in most circumstances, it will not provide the best-looking weld. But there are times when you will need to set things aside and weld them anyway.
How Long Does a Welder's Eye Last? 
If not treated properly, the welder's eye can last up to three or more days. Your eye cornea takes two days to heal, but may fail to heal if it is severely injured. If the flash burn persists, get medical attention!
Why You Should Know the Wattage Requirement of Your Welder?
Calculating the wattage requirement of a welder is difficult. In very basic terms, the product of voltage and amperage gives the wattage value you are looking for.
What are the Most Common Stick Electrodes? 
Along with welding technique, one also needs some knowledge of stick electrodes which are also called welding rods. The six types of welding rods are most often used.
How Do You Know When Welding Gas is Empty? 
You can check the pressure and flow gauges on welding tanks that can assist you in detecting whether your tank is empty or full. Make sure to replenish your tanks after depletion.
What's the Most Difficult Weld to Make for Beginners?
The hardest form of welding is TIG welding. Even with a decent amount of experience, many welders take classes to get accustomed to TIG welding. 
Can I Plug an Arc Welder into a Regular Outlet?
Plugging an arc welder into a regular outlet is possible if the welder you have runs at 120V. Hence, if your welder needs more than 120V, use an additional setup like an adapter to regulate current flow.
7 Reasons Why Your MIG Welder is Sputtering Too Much
Sputtering in MIG welding is inevitable. Are you facing this problem? Don’t worry, for this blog is listing out the reasons that could potentially be causing this.
How do You Prevent Heat Distortion When Welding? (10 Tips)
There are various things you can do to reduce the amount of heat distortion. However, you can also do a test on a scrap piece of metal identical!
Can You Repair Cast Iron with Jb Weld? (Step By Step Guide)
A JB weld can be used to repair cast iron. They act as glue, stick to cast iron, and successfully seal the fracture. The procedure does not need welding.
What Does AC and DC Mean in Welding? 
Electricity travels in two directions, Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). And to create the arc, a power supply is necessary, which can be either AC DC.
​​What Metals are Best for Welding? 
The best metals for welding are determined by the weld design, budget, the welder's knowledge and ability, and the welding procedure to be employed. Almost any metal can be welded!
What is Overlap in Welding? 
Overlap welding refers to the bulge of weld metal that extends beyond the root. The overlap is defined as a protrusion that extends beyond the weld toe. Overlap is most common in butt and fillet welds. 
Do You Push or Pull When MIG Welding? 
Pushing a weld leads to less penetration and a more aesthetically attractive bead, whereas, pulling the weld results in a thinner, rounder bead with deeper penetration and increased weld strength.
Is A Welding Arc Hotter Than The Sun?
No matter the assumptions, the simple fact is that a welding arc is not hotter than the Sun, nothing is. The heat produced by the Sun is 5800 K. And the temperature of the Sun's surface is about 10,000 degrees F!
Are Dual Voltage Welders Any Good? 
A dual voltage welder will properly function on both voltages without the extra expenditure of acquiring a second welder for regions where the voltage required to operate is not available.
Why is Welding So Expensive? 
What makes welding expensive is the cost of various factors involved. Small tasks, on the other hand, can cost as little as a hundred dollars, and larger ones might cost thousands.
What is a Good Weld Bead? 
The sign of a good bead welding is that there should be no surface defects such as undercut, overlap, and inadequate reinforcing. Also, there should be no breaks or holes seen in the bead.
Why Does my Welding Rod Keep Sticking? 
Welding rod tends to stick because the arc's heat is insufficient to prevent fusing of the molten rod and the pool. The major explanations are low amperage settings or an arc length that is too short.
How Do I Know if My Weld is Strong? (Strongest Weld Joint)
The strongest weld that can be formed in normal applications is one made using the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process, often known as GTAW welding. 
Is Welding Better Than Riveting? 
When we examine the forces that can pull components apart, a correctly welded joint is stronger than a riveted joint. As a result, for bond strength, welding should be recommended.
Why is My Welder Spitting? 
Spatter is triggered by a variety of factors. The primary cause is a disruption in the molten weld pool during wire transfer into the weld. Typically, this is caused by the amperage-voltage connection.
Can You Touch The Rod When Stick Welding?
If you touch the consumable rod at the wrong place (the endpoints) or you hold it for too long with damaged gloves, you’ll harm yourself. But, as we said, at times, there’s no other way to stabilize...
7 Advantages and 7 Disadvantages of Gas Welding?
Gas welding is a metal joining procedure that employs the utilization of fuel gases. There are various advantages and disadvantages of gas welding.
Can You Weld When It's Cold?
Welding in cold weather is possible. But the feasibility depends on how cold it is, is the metal or welding machine moist or frozen, working indoor or outdoor, and also which two metals are you trying to weld! 
Can You Weld With a Blowtorch?
You can weld with a blowtorch that runs on fuel gases, propane, oxygen, as well as hydrogen. Even a butane blowtorch can be used to weld metals. Discover everything about using a blowtorch to weld!
What Does 2g Mean in Welding? 
The 2G welding position is one in which the pipe is vertical and the weld axis is horizontal. The welder welds from the pipe's side in a horizontal welding orientation.
Is it Illegal to Weld a Chassis? 
Welding a frame is not prohibited on the federal level. However, the law requires you to adhere to the manufacturer's requirements and instructions. Laws may differ at the municipal and state levels.
How to Use Welding Magnets?
In this article, I have talked about all the different types of magnets available, the proper meaning and features of each magnet, how they help in welding, etc., in depth. Read on further to learn more.
How Many Watts Does a 90 Amp Welder Use?
A 90 amp welder will use up to approximately 1700 watts. Some machines tend to split the watts between two outlets. In such cases, an individual outlet will supply around the same amount of watts.
Pipe Welding Positions Chart
In pipe welding generally the position of the specimen is fixed or it can be rotated or inclined along its axis according to the position of the welder. Pipe welding is always symbolized with the letter “G”.
How Many Amps Does a 220V Welder Use?
The average consumption of a 220V welder is around 200 amps. This can vary based on the material used, the type of welding, the thickness of the metal, and many other reasons.
Is it Legal to Weld at Home?
Yes, it is absolutely legal to weld at home. There are no special permissions or licenses required for such work. Unless you are planning to weld for commercial purposes, you will need a legit license!
How Many Amps Does a 110V Welder Use?
A 110V welder uses around 80 to 90 amps in a regular scenario, where you need to weld any material between light or medium gauge. I have managed to cover everything there is to know about a 110V welder.
What is the Easiest Welding Rod to Use?
After doing a great deal of research and experimentation at our end, I have come to realize that the E7018 is by far the easiest one to use. I have covered every aspect of welding rods for your knowledge!
What is a Pro Weld Pickling Paste Used For?
Pro weld pickling paste is what you need to remove the rust, scaling, annealing colors and heat side effects from the welded seams of the stainless steel. Just apply the paste and wash it off!
Difference Between a Weld Gauge and a Wire Gauge!
Discover how to use a wire gauge for measuring diameters of wires and sheet metals, what is a weld gauge, 7 different types of weld gauges and their uses.
What Rod do You Use to TIG Weld Copper?
The rods used in TIG welding copper are deoxidized copper TIG rods, silicon-bronze rods and rods that are made of the raw base metals that is by taking out 1/8” of thin strips from the parent copper.
What is Mobile Welding? (All You Need to Know)
Mobile welding is a sort of freelancing service offered in the welding arena. In addition to the basic knowledge of welding, one also needs to have credible certification proving his expertise in the field of welding.
Can I Use Plasma Cutter for Welding?
Yes, a plasma cutter is used in welding for faster and attractive cutting processes. You definitely require to use the plasma cutter to cut the metals in the required shapes before joining the pieces together.
Why is Argon Gas Used in a Wire Feed Welder?
The reason why argon is used in a wire feed welder as the shielding gas because it is the least reactive gas with any material and hence it decreases the chances of spatters in the weld!
Best Way to Weld a Seamless Butt Weld (Beginner's Guide)
Our team of pro welders has spent years on the job using welding applications and we asked them to help us figure out which process is the best for a seamless butt weld.
Best Coolants for Welds (TIG, MIG and Plasma)
The effective management of heat can make a difference in the weld quality. Our team of pro-welders furnished up with a selection of quality coolants for multiple welding applications and situations.
What is 4F in Welding?
4F is the position in welding where you weld the metal overhead. Thereby, you position yourself underneath the weld. As working in the position is complicated, a welder needs to take certain precautions and be alert during the process.
Can I Use a Welding Mask to View a Solar Eclipse?
A welding mask is indeed a viable option to view a solar eclipse. The darker shades of welding helmets can withstand the rays emitted during the solar eclipse.
How to Make Money with a MIG Welder
If you are creative, and can use your acquired welding skills, you can create a home business that may very well develop into a full-time profession at some point in the future.
How to Weld Brass: Here's What You Need
To weld brass your options include TIG, MIG, and silver soldering. However, make sure to select your shielding gas carefully. This material can become porous and when the alloys separate, it will eventually crack.
Which Flame is Used to Weld Brass and Bronze?
Stronger Oxidising flame is the best for welding brass and bronze because this flame type produces the high heat needed to weld the two metals together which is around 6300 degrees F. 
How Much Electricity Does a MIG Welder Use?
To know how much electricity your MIG welder use, you need to multiply the input current (amps) by 230 volts. Therefore, for a 100 amp welder pulling 9 amps, 9*230volts=2070watts=2.070kW.
Can You Use Exhaust Clamps Instead of Welding?
You can definitely use exhaust clamps instead of welding for the simple reason that clamping will provide the same stability to your exhaust pipe system.
Is an Undercut in Weld Safe to be Used?
Undercuts can affect the integrity of the weld and can cause fatigue failure of the entire weld structure as the load increases. However, undercuts are acceptable in welding if they satisfy certain conditions.
Can a Single Burner Forge be Used for Forge Welding?
No, it is not easily possible to forge weld using a gas forge with a single burner as the welding heat required for forge welding cannot be reached with one burner.
When is the 1g Welding Position Used
Welding is one sort of permanent joining procedure that may combine two or more solid components to form a unit. There are other different joining methods like riveting and adhesive too, but today, we will be discussing the limitations of welded connections.  Welded connections cannot be expanded in any way. Contractions in the connection might […]
3 Major Types of Rods Used for Welding 
Welding rods come in various sizes and types. Welding rods are majorly classified into three types such as Consumable rods, Non Consumable rods and Flux rods. Check out the use and pros and cons of each one.
Should You Use an Electric Welder Out in the Rain?
NO, you should not use an electric welder out in the rain because electricity flows more freely in the presence of moisture and will definitely flow to your body.
Welding and Fabrication: Differences, Processes and Defination
Fabrication is a linear process which involves various steps and professionals. But, welding is just a single step that is included in the fabrication process.
What Do You Use to Weld Brass?
In order to weld brass you will be needing a shielded arc type electrode (electrode positive), silicon bronze or aluminium bronze or phosphor bronze electrodes and high welding current.
4 Types of Welding Positions (Explained with Photos)
Let's take a look at some of the basics of welding positions. What exactly is a welding position? Does one really need more than one position?
What Kind of Welder to Use for the Exhaust Pipe?
To weld an exhaust pipe, we recommend using a MIG welder because it works incredibly well in the welding of thinner metals. The exhaust pipes of vehicles are generally made with thinner metals.
Why VRD is Used in Welding Machine? (Explained)
If your project includes heavy duty welding activities which use high voltages, you will definitely need to install VRD on the welding machine in order to save yourself from the incidences of electric hazards!