Welding Steel

How to Join Steel Pipes Without Welding?
Joining two pieces of steel or any other metal is possible without welding. There are several methods with which it can be done. Understand the pros and cons of each technique to decide which to employ!
5 Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Weld burns on Stainless Steel
The best way of removing the weld burns from stainless steel is to do away with the discoloured layer formed as a result of oxidation during the welding process.
What Type of Flame is Used to Weld Mild Steel?
In oxy-acetylene gas welding, the flames come in three types. The one to be used is decided by the characteristics of the metal to be welded. For mild steel, a neutral flame is the best choice.
Can You Weld Galvanized or Zinc-plated Steel?
If you are going to weld zinc plated steel, the zinc will start to vaporize. This article covers everything you need to know about zinc plated steel or galvanized steel and how to weld such metal.
Can You Weld Cast Iron to Steel?
Yes, you can most certainly weld cast iron to steel. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you get into this whole process of welding them together.
Which is the Best Gas to MIG Weld Mild Steel?
To MIG weld mild steel, there are many gases used either individually or as a combination. The most commonly used out of these is C25 which is a mixture of Argon and CO2.
How to Weld and Keep Steel from Bending?
Welding steel is easy but here also you need to know the right techniques of welding that you can apply or else it will lead to distortions in the weld. Learn the ways to keep steel from bending.
How to Remove Weld Spatter from Stainless Steel?
You can remove weld spatters from stainless steel using various techniques such as grinding, chipping, anti-spatter spray and sanding.
Why Should a Carburizing Flame be Avoided when Welding Steel?
Carburizing flame has an excess of acetylene in it due to which it adds carbon to the puddle while welding, so avoid it.
Does Stainless Steel Weld on AC or DC? (Solved!)
In order to find out which type of electrical current should be used when welding stainless steel, let's take a look at both Alternating Current and Direct Current in welding.
How to Weld Stainless Steel without Warping (11 Practices)
If you try to weld parts in stainless steel without any restraining measures, it will warp when you weld it. You need to work to limit the natural distortion from welding as much as possible.
Is Welding Steel to Aluminium a Bad Idea? (Explained!)
The simple reason that you cannot or will probably find it difficult to weld aluminium to steel is because of their varying melting points which are too extremes!