Safety Tips

What Types of Injuries Can Occur to Ears During Welding?
Welders are at a high risk of hearing loss due to their occupation. Welding is not a particularly noisy activity, but there are a few things that might impair hearing and hasten hearing loss. 
What are the Permanent Effects of Welding Injuries? 
Welders are at risk of serious physical injuries that can be fatal or result in permanent and catastrophic damage as a result of these workplace hazards.
How Long Does Welder Flash Last? 
Welding flash is a treatable issue and lasts between 2-3 days. However, if it goes untreated, it may last longer and become more painful. Flash burns are similar to sunburn and can affect both eyes
How Do I Choose a Welding Blanket?
It might be difficult to determine the sort of welding blanket you require, however, hold on to this article to know more about different materials of welding blanket and its features. 
Is Welding Flash Burn as Dangerous as Sunburn?
While sunburns are the result of intense sunrays, welding flash burns are the effect of hot and concentrated welding rays. Both are harmful and can impact different parts of your body if exposed.
Do Welders Go Blind Over Time?
If you're a reasonable welder who doesn't ignore the importance of wearing modern welding gear to protect your eyes, you will not go blind permanently, EVER! Yet, there's still a creeping silence...
Can You Weld On Wet Floor?
Although you can weld when the conditions are wet, you should refrain from doing so. Welding in wet conditions increases the chances of being electrocuted without the right PPE. 
Can Sunscreen be Used to Prevent Burning from Welding?
Sunscreens can act as an effective precautionary measure to deal with the harmful effects of UV radiation emitted during welding procedures.