TIG Welding

Difference Between a MIG and TIG Welding Machine?
The fundamental distinction between MIG and TIG welding is the electrode that is used to generate the arc. Let us understand the difference...
What Do I Need for TIG Welding? 
Since the arc is produced between the end of a small diameter tungsten electrode and the workpiece in TIG welding, you will need a power supply, a torch, an electrode of your choosing and protective equipment.
Can You TIG Weld Steel With 100% Argon? 
TIG welding requires a shielding gas that is completely inert at welding temperatures, and pure Argon meets that requirement. Argon is used in the purging process, which is essential for TIG welding stainless steel.
What Type of TIG Welder Do I Need? 
Type of TIG welder for your requirement depends on various aspects like your purpose, type of metal, where do you want to weld, the budget for your project. A good TIG welder includes a variety of functions.
3 Best AC/DC TIG Welder for Beginners
You can obtain beautiful welds using TIG welders, but they need precision. With this in mind, we researched the best TIG welders for beginners and asked some master welders to test them for us.
Top 5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of TIG Welding
Non-consumable electrode contributes to most of the advantages of tig welding. Not only tig welding is used to weld all sorts of metals, but it also offers clean joints. 
Can Acetylene Gas be Used for TIG Welding?
No, acetylene gas is never seen as a plausible option for TIG welding. Acetylene gas is a highly inflammable gas that is primarily used for Gas welding. It is not used in every type of welding.
Can MIG and TIG Welding be Done with the Same Machine?
Yes, it is possible to do MIG and TIG with the same machine with the aid of multi-process welders. Or, you can go for modification on a standard welder.
MIG Vs TIG Welding Aluminium: Which One is Better?
TIG welding is the best choice for aluminium because this process does not require any mechanical wire feeding which is the cause behind the feedability issues.
Can I TIG Weld Mild Steel With Pure Argon?
Pure Argon is the most preferred gas to weld mild steel in TIG. Mild steel is however often done with MIG due to the time taking and cumbersome process that TIG is.
Why is Argon Gas used in TIG welding? (7 Reasons)
Starting from the cleanliness that this gas maintains to the kind of welding quality that it can result in, there are many reasons for Argon gas to be considered suitable for TIG welding.
Can I Use MIG Gas for TIG Welding?
MIG gas cannot be used for TIG welding. This is because of the properties of the gases used in the two methods. Yet there are times where certain gases are mixed to give the desired effect in TIG welding.
Why TIG Welding is Good for Home Use?
Yes, TIG welding is a good choice for home use, once the user understands how TIG works and learns to do it through practice. TIG welder has its benefits and can be a very useful home tool.
What Kind of Gas to Use to TIG Weld? (for Beginners)
There are various gases found in a welding shop. However, only a few of these can be used when TIG welding. This is important because you don’t want your Tungsten electrode to be affected by the wrong gas.