MIG Welding

Best 220V MIG Welders for Beginners
We looked and tested MIG 220 V welders to save you some time and some money when searching for your next welder. It offers a great deal of function and versatility when working with multiple materials.
MIG Vs Stick Welding – Which Is Better?
MIG welding is better for welding thin materials as it uses a wire electrode that continuously feeds into the weld joint. Stick welding is better for thicker materials and works well on rusty, or painted surfaces.
Is MIG Welding Safer than Stick Welding? 
MIG is comparatively safer than stick, however, it does not mean you're completely safe using MIG welding technique. If you're careless, even MIG might prove to be hazardous. 
Which Is Stronger- MIG Or Stick Welding?
In this article, we will look at the fundamental differences between stick and MIG welding, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, to determine your specific welding needs.
Best Dual Voltage MIG Welder for the Money
Dual voltage welding machines offer the option of doing both light and heavy work, but with only one welder as opposed to two. This will save time, and money, and improve portability.
7 Reasons Why Your MIG Welder is Sputtering Too Much
Sputtering in MIG welding is inevitable. Are you facing this problem? Don’t worry, for this blog is listing out the reasons that could potentially be causing this.
Can I Weld Aluminum With a MIG Welder? 
You can weld aluminum using the MIG method, and while it can be difficult to MIG weld aluminum, it is still possible. The technique will necessitate greater heat than mild steel, and proper methods.
What to Look for When Buying a MIG Welder?
While selecting a MIG welder, always choose the one with which you can attach a gas cylinder instead of picking up the welders which can weld with flux core welding wire.
Best MIG Welder Under $2000
Investing $2000 in a MIG welder is a substantial sum of money for a power tool, so we asked our team of professional welders to research and test a myriad of various models.
Are Gasless MIG Welding Good? 
There are certain advantages of gasless MIG welding. Also known as self-shielding flux core welders, this technique can fuse thicker metal than gas MIG welders, including metal with rust, dirt, paint, etc.
Whats Better Gas or Gasless MIG Welding?
Gas MIG welding is better than gasless because the fumes and smoke are less on compassion with the gasless variation. Then, there's the cost difference as well. Gasless is costlier than gas MIG welding. 
Why is DC Used in MIG Welding?
MIG welding uses DC due to the unhindered welding process it ensures. DC does not go for alternating polarities rather carries each polarity separately making it suitable for most welding applications.
What Size Gas Cylinder to Use for MIG Welding?
As a hobby welder or a homeowner, you have three sizes of cylinders – 40, 80, and 125 cubic feet (cf). Out of which you should go for the 125 cf tank, which is the largest and the more expensive one out of the lot.
Can Nitrogen be Used for MIG Welding?
Yes, nitrogen can be used for MIG welding. This semi-inert gas adds certain good qualities to the weld when used as a shielding gas or in other forms. However, there is a negative side to the same as well.
Can You Use Home Outlet for MIG or Stick Welding?
Yes! You can definitely run a welder at home but only after taking care of a few variables. Much like wiring in your house, contemplate the voltage and amperage!
Flux Core or Gas MIG Welder, Which is Better?
In my opinion both the welders are apt or pertinent when it comes to individual welding methods. There are certain characteristics which make them equal and different from each other.
AC or DC MIG Welder: Which is Better?
MIG DC welders are given preference in welding over MIG AC welders. DC welders work without intervals in between the welds. However, certain situations demand MIG AC welders but this is quite rare.
Best MIG Welder for the Automotive Exhaust Shop (for Beginners)
Our panel of experts put a group of MIG welders for small business owners and automotive exhaust shops to the test. They provided us with great choices!
Can MIG and TIG Welding be Done with the Same Machine?
Yes, it is possible to do MIG and TIG with the same machine with the aid of multi-process welders. Or, you can go for modification on a standard welder.
5 Best Budget Gasless MIG Welder
Here we look at gasless MIG welders for a very limited budget. While the gasless MIG welder is not technically gasless, because the flux core wire produces vapors that act as a shielding gas.
Which is the Best Gas to MIG Weld Mild Steel?
To MIG weld mild steel, there are many gases used either individually or as a combination. The most commonly used out of these is C25 which is a mixture of Argon and CO2.
MIG Vs TIG Welding Aluminium: Which One is Better?
TIG welding is the best choice for aluminium because this process does not require any mechanical wire feeding which is the cause behind the feedability issues.
Gasless MIG Welding and What You Can Weld
Gasless MIG welding is technically impossible however it becomes possible with the use of a flux core wire that has self-shielding properties which eliminate the need for a separate gas source. 
What Are the Benefits of Using CO2 in MIG Weld?
CO2 has its benefits for MIG weld. Carbon dioxide is a highly preferred shielding gas for MIG welding and is considered an essential element for welding of metals like stainless steel and mild steel.
Weld Removal from MIG Joints (Simple and Effective Ways)
Removing a weld will depend on a number of factors, and as each type of welding has different procedures, there will be different requirements for undoing a weld.
9 Ways to Reduce Spatter in MIG Welding (Easy and Fast)
Spattering during MIG welding can be reduced by knowing what causes this and why it happens. Check out detailed guide to prevent, reduce and clean spattering.
How to Use a Non-gas MIG Welder? (Step By Step)
MIG welder is known to use a shielding gas such as argon or helium for completing the weld! So, are you wondering how can a MIG welder work without a gas cylinder?
Can You MIG Weld Without Gas? (All You Need to Know)
If you plan on doing a large welding project, you will need gas. If, on the other hand, you plan on doing a small home project or repair, MIG welding without gas may work for you and save money.