Welding Aluminum

Can You Weld Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter?
Aluminum is a conductive metal and, as such, can be easily cut with a plasma cutter if it is less than six inches thick. Plasma cutting aluminum is not only conceivable but also very effective.
What is the Best Gas to Use for Welding Aluminum?
Argon and helium are two shielding gases that are often used for arc welding aluminum. These gases are used as pure argon, pure helium, and different mixes. 
Best Aluminum Welder for Beginners
Professional welders can create aluminum beads that are perfect in appearance and consistent throughout. We asked the pros which aluminum welder they would suggest for beginners!
What Polarity is Used for TIG Welding Aluminum?
TIG welding Aluminium uses AC or Alternating Current and not a specific type. This is because of the oxide layer that the metal has. Breaking this oxide layer is crucial for the metal to be welded.
Which is the Best Tungsten for Aluminum Welding?
Choosing the best among the electrodes for aluminum welding can be done once you are aware of the properties and learn how well they can serve your welding purpose.
Can You Use an Arc Welder for Aluminum?
Arc welding produces a lot of heat which can melt aluminum easily because of its low melting point. Therefore, you need to set the amperage setting to very low when you begin arc welding aluminum.
Can I MIG Weld Aluminum Without a Spool Gun?
Although aluminum is a soft metal, it is possible to weld the metal without the aid of a spool gun. A welder needs to learn the trick and practice to ace this method.
MIG Vs TIG Welding Aluminium: Which One is Better?
TIG welding is the best choice for aluminium because this process does not require any mechanical wire feeding which is the cause behind the feedability issues.
What Flame Type is Used for Welding Aluminium?
Generally, oxy-acetylene flame with neutral or slightly reducing nature is used for welding aluminium. Oxy-acetylene flame is less malleable and less prone to cracking which makes it easier to weld aluminium.
Is Welding Steel to Aluminium a Bad Idea? (Explained!)
The simple reason that you cannot or will probably find it difficult to weld aluminium to steel is because of their varying melting points which are too extremes!