Best Plastic Welder for Your Needs

When you think of welding, metals automatically come to mind. Associating plastic with welding isn’t really commonplace, and yet with all the useful plastic objects in our homes and places of business, perhaps it should be. 

If you have an object in plastic that you really like or find useful and it breaks, one assumes that it’s necessary to go and buy another one to replace it.

If the item is cheap, that may be a fine solution, but what if it’s something like a part of a machine or a car part? To replace it, we are probably talking about quite a bit of money. And what if the part is dated? Who says you’ll be able to find a replacement?

Best Plastic Welder

Glue is a standard choice for the reparation of plastics, but aside from being messy, it is usually not a permanent solution. It also may not have a very nice appearance once dried.

This is where the plastic welder can be a saving solution for a multitude of problems. You’ll save money, time, frustration, and effort. Your principal challenge will be finding the best plastic welder for your specific needs and budget. We tried and tested.

Our overall best choice for a plastic welder is the Beyondlife Plastic 1600W Hot Air Welder because it offers a maximum power output of 1600 watts, and comes with a guide on it for quick temperature referencing and adjustable airflow. It is even appropriate for fiberglass repairs on both vehicles, and boats.

We also like the Polyvance 5700Ht Mini Airless Plastic Welder for the fact that many plastic welders encounter reduced performance or fail when high temperatures and pressure is endured for lengthy periods, but this is not the case with Polyvance’s airless plastic welder. 

ProductPower InputPower OutputType
Beyondlife Plastic 1600W Hot Air Welder 110V1600WHot Air
Polyvance 5700Ht Mini Airless Plastic Welder 110V200WAirless Gun
Steinel Programmable HG 2520E Heat Gun 120V1600WHeat Gun
Bondic PRO LED UV Plastic Welding Kit Battery operated CR123A batteryLED UV light

Our List of Favorite Plastic Welders

Best Overall Plastic Welder

1. Beyondlife Plastic 1600W Hot Air Welder

With a maximum power output of 1600 watts, this plastic welder will be appreciated by both professionals and DIYers alike.

The welder comes with a guide on it for quick temperature referencing to aid you in choosing the correct setting. Airflow is likewise adjustable, and even the hardest of plastics will soften. This welder is ideal for fiberglass repairs on both vehicles, and boats.

The welder comes with an operating manual, a pressure roller, triangle speed welding nozzle, round speed welding nozzle, and welding rods.

It is small but packs a lot of power making it ideal for prolonged welding where a larger, heavier welder would prove to be too uncomfortable. It produces very minimal vibration during operation, with exceptional precision welding.


      • 1600W
      • AC 110V
      • Airflow 230L/minute
      • Temperature range  30° to 650° C


      • Very powerful
      • Little or no vibration during operation
      • Durable
      • Compatible with various accessories


      • No carrying case
      • Comes with few accessories
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Best Airless Plastic Welder

2. Polyvance 5700Ht Mini Airless Plastic Welder

Many plastic welders encounter reduced performance or fail when high temperatures and pressure is endured for lengthy periods.

This mini plastic welder comes with an impressive temperature control gauge that can be used whenever and wherever you need it, and it comes with a belt clip for convenience.

Complete with a carry case, it also has an owner’s manual for the simplification of operation. The welder itself has a ceramic core and a 200W capability, so it can handle high-temperature welding without creating distortion.

It is compatible for work with polypropylene, TPO, and TEO and comes with eight various welding rods for any type of project including a FiberFlex universal rod, stainless steel reinforcement mesh, two welding tips, and a cleaning brush.


      • 110V
      • Power source AC
      • 8 welding rods
      • 200W


      • Kit comes with everything you need
      • Compact welder design
      • Easy-to-use temperature control dial
      • Great for delicate or the welding of tiny parts
      • Beginner-friendly with good instructions


      • Some temperature fluctuations reported
      • Expensive 
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Best Heat Gun Plastic Welder

3. Steinel Programmable HG 2520E Heat Gun

This is a classic plastic welder that offers precision welding, and it is dependable. This particular welding gun is equipped with a microprocessor that offers precision welding and improves performance.

This gun offers an impressive 1750W power output making it ideal for the professional and for the DIYer. Temperatures can be set readily and easily so that you are able to weld any type of plastic.

This Steinel heat gun also comes with an LCD panel so that you can see readings at any time or all the while you are welding for a monitoring capability that increases precision in welding applications. A control knob permits 10°F. temperature adjustments, observable on the LCD panel.

Steinel uses DuraTherm technology for long-term durability. Made in ABS, this corded-electric gun features a ceramic heating element.

The maximum flow rate is 13.00 cubic feet per minute. This gun comes complete with shrink tubes and 9mm, 14mm, 75mm nozzles and weighs in at only 1.85 lbs.


      • One year warranty
      • 120V
      • 1600W
      • 13 cubic feet per minute airflow


      • Precision welding
      • LCD panel
      • Durable
      • DuraTherm technology
      • Affordable
      • Compact
      • Quality product


      • Temperature setting is somewhat slow in response
      • Aluminum case adds to weight when transporting
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Best LED UV Plastic Welder

4. Bondic PRO LED UV Plastic Welding Kit

Bondic offers you a LED UV liquid plastic welding kit that can be used not only with plastic, but with leather, metal, Kevlar, ceramic, and polypropylene among others creating a slid bond that will weather the test of time. The quick adhesive feature creates a bond within seconds.

This LED UV welder creates a strong bond with liquid plastic that is waterproof and heat-resistant making it durable. It can be used to repair outdoor furniture and can be sanded to a perfect finish after hardening.

One advantage is that the liquid adhesive will not harden while still in the container. As it is free of solvent, it will only work with a UV light. Once the liquid plastic is applied, it needs only four seconds for the bond to be completed.


      • 100% waterproof
      • Heat-resistant
      • Works on wood, plastic, rubber, PVC, ceramic, steel, Kevlar, vinyl, leather, and more
      • LED UV light


      • Instant permanent bond
      • Can repair multiple materials
      • Press button for easy operation
      • Waterproof
      • Heat-resistant
      • Affordable


      • Not indicated for large cracks that need filling
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Choosing the Best Plastic Welder

When selecting a plastic welder for your home workshop, there are a variety of characteristics to evaluate before making that final selection.

What Kind of Plastic Welder Is Best?

As always, when selecting a welder, much will depend on what you need the welder for. There are various kinds of plastic welders:

1. Airless gun

This is the perfect welder if you need to create a very thin bond. These guns are equipped with a tip made of metal that when heated will melt the plastic.

This is not an appropriate option for doing structural bonds because it is not capable of making thick bonds.

2. Heat gun

A heat gun uses a blast of air that will soften the plastic and as a result, can create a strong bond. Most will include a microprocessor for precision welding.

The blasts of hot air will soften the plastic enough to create strong bonds making them a great option for structural welding needs in plastic.

3. LED-UV gun

A UV gun uses liquid plastic as an adhesive. When the UV light is focused on liquid plastic, it heats the liquid plastic and creates an immediate bond.

One advantage to this type of gun is that it works on wood as well as on plastic. And once the liquid plastic has hardened, sandpaper can be used to polish it.

You can see, that there are different types of guns for different kinds of welding, so it’s important to decide what type of plastic welding you plan on doing before making your final choice.

4. Airflow and Temperature

When purchasing a plastic welder, some will have more than one function and may have a feature to adjust functions. Some, of course, will have only fixed functions. What you need will define what kind of functions you should look for.

Adjustable function settings will be more versatile because they allow you to adjust both airflow and temperature depending on the welding task to perform. Some may also feature an LCD panel so that adjustments can be monitored in real-time.

5. Wattage

Wattage indicates how much power a plastic welder can produce. The higher the wattage capability is, the more power the tool can produce.

For heavy-duty projects, you’ll need a welder that is at least 1300W, while a 1600W would be even better. Welders that only come with 200W will be sufficient for small lightweight to medium welding necessities.

If you are a professional, consider choosing the most powerful plastic welder available. For DIYers, an 80W to 200W should suffice, whereas a pro needs a welder that is more powerful than 200W.

6. To Transport or Not?

Portability and weight are important if you need to weld plastic in more than one place. The majority of plastic welders are relatively lightweight which is doubly important if you will be welding for a prolonged period. In this way, your hands will not become cramped or numb from prolonged use.

7. Cost

Cost is always a consideration but will be even more so if you are on a limited budget. Even if you are not on a budget, you’ll still want to get your money’s worth.

A quality welder can last for years, so when considering the price, add durability and performance into the equation.

High-performance plastic welders will cost a bit more than an average plastic welder, nonetheless, there are high-performing welders at a reasonable price.

Can a Plastic Welder Create a Strong Enough Bond?

Yes, plastic welders are capable of forming strong and permanent bonds. Don’t be fooled by the word “plastic”. These welders can fix just about any kind of plastic and a few can even be used with metals.

What Temperature Is Used When Welding Plastic?

Various plastic materials require varied temperatures. It’s always a good idea to research the material that you need to weld. PVC, for example, can be welded at 525°F., so check your plastic material.

The Bottom Line

A plastic welder is a useful handy tool to have available in your workshop, whether you are a pro or a DIYer. Choose the plastic welder that will meet all of your requirements while offering high performance and durability.

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