Are Wrangler Pants Good For Welding?

Welding pants are a quintessential part of safety gears when flame and fire are constant hazards. No matter if you’re wearing coveralls or overalls as PPE for welding, the importance of welding pants cannot be sidelined. 

One of the biggest whats’ in welding is what features should welding pants have. To precisely answer the same, the quintessential features of welding pants are flame resistance, fire resistance, and comfort. 

Wrangler pants are by far the best welding pants. Style isn’t the first concern in a welder’s mind. But with wrangler pants, a stylish look comes as a bonus cookie. 

Are Wrangler Pants Good For Welding

Wrangler pants are known for their sturdy build, comfortable fit, moisture-wicking ability, and high-grade protection from heat. These features make wrangler jeans the best clothing piece for welders

This guide will take you through the general features a welding pant must have and the top 3 wrangler welding pants that you can easily wear to work every day. 

Hold your train of thoughts and dive in to find all the answers!

Which Fabric is Best to Wear for Welding? 

Anyone who has ever tried to go into the details of buying protective pants for welding must have seen the words FR on the pants. FR in pants stands for Fire Resistant or Fire Retardant. 

Since many denim variations in wrangler pants are made of fire-resistant fabric, wrangler pants are considered to be very good for welding. 

The best fabric for welding pants that you should be looking for include:

      1. FR cotton. 
      2. FR weldX 
      3. Cowhide leather. 

Sometimes, a blend of fire-resistant cotton and nylon is also used to make welding pants

Cowhide leather is usually used to make denim jackets. However, it’s also a good option to make welding pants at times. The only consideration is that welding leather pants should have a comfortable fit, not a slim fit. 

Did you know that 100% cotton is the most preferred fabric for welding pants mostly because it does not catch fire easily and even if it does, it takes very little time to extinguish the fire? 

Is Denim Good to Weld in? 

Cotton denim is an excellent top-class choice for welding pants. It has all the qualities that offer protection from welding hazards. 

Some of the most valid reasons to wear wrangler denim jeans for welding are as follows:

1.) Cotton denim is an extremely comfortable fabric. No matter if you’ve got to weld for straight 8 hours, your skin won’t feel sticky. 

2.) The moisture-wicking gradient of denim pants is very high. Since heat is omnipresent while welding, you need a fabric that keeps you essentially dry. Hence, denim cotton is so preferred. 

3.) Denim cotton is breathable, soft, and non-allergenic. 

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OSHA Guidelines for Welding Pants – Things You Shouldn’t Compromise With 

OSHA mandates that all welding pants should have the following features for safety from workplace hazards. 

1.) FR inscription is necessary. If a pant does not have the word FR on it, it means that that pant has not been approved by OSHA to be used as welding pant. 

2.) A welding pant should cover the entire length of your legs. 

3.) The fabric should be rugged and durable so that you are protected against burns from sparks.

Features to Consider When Buying Welding Pants 

Apart from the fact that welding pants should be fire retardant, there are some other specifications that you should pay attention to. Explore the details in the pointers below. 

1.) Welding pants should be NFPA 70E certified. Only when this label exists that the pants in question will offer high degrees of protection from thermal hazards. 

2.) The APTV score of the welding pants should range between 8.0 to 24.9. APTV rating reflects how much heat a fabric can block. The higher the rating, the more is the heat blockage. 

3.) Even the thread that’s used for stitching a welding pant should be flame resistant. 

4.) According to ASTM 1506, a welding pant should be self-extinguishing so that the susceptibility to serious burns is eliminated. 

5.) A high-quality welding pant should offer the same amount of flame resistance even after 25 wash and dry cycles as it did when it was new. 

Top 3 Wrangler Pants for Welding 

1. Men’s FR Relaxed Fit Denim by Wrangler Riggs

This 100% cotton pant by wrangler is an ideal garment for welding. It has a relaxed fit that’s very comfortable. It’s a perfect option for the scorchy summer season. 

Other noteworthy benefits that make this denim pant ideal for welding are as follows. 

1.) Not only is it fire retardant, but it is also designed with a self-extinguishing feature. 

2.) It features a button closure and a high-quality brass zipper for ease.

3.) This OSHA 29 compliant welding pant is also compliant with CFR 1910.269, NFPA-70E, and ASTM F1506-02ael specifications. 

Cons: Some customers have reported that these welding jeans run smaller. So, be careful when picking the size. Refer to the size chart provided by the company. 

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2. Men’s FR Carpenter Welding Jeans by Wrangler Riggs

These flame-resistant denim pants do not restrict movement. They’re very comfortable. You can easily and freely move around in them. No matter how long your working hours are, these relaxed-fit pants are one of the best choices. 

1.) The arc protective thermal value of these pants is a staggering 19 CAL/CM2.

2.) These are self-extinguish pants. Naturally, the chances of serious burns are very low in these pants. 

3.) The thread used for triple-needle stitching and even the waistband are arc-resistant. 

4.) They’re breathable. You won’t feel hot in these pants. They won’t feel sweaty either since the cotton fabric will wick away all the traces of sweat. So, they’ll keep you dry as well. 

Cons: Some users feel that these welding pants are heavy. However, you have to understand that since these pants are made for flame and fire protection, they can’t be as light as your regular jeans. 

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3. Wrangler Riggs FR Boot Cut Welding Jeans for Women

These welding mid-rise denim pants for women are made of 100% imported cotton. Other than the fact that they’re flame-resistant, they’re also very comfortable. 

Some other noteworthy features that make these women’s pants highly suitable for welding are as follows:

1.) They’re highly breathable. Hence, they will keep you cool and dry even during the summer season. 

2.) The fabric is very soft. Since the jeans won’t stick to your legs, they won’t cause allergies either. 

3.) These are very comfortable welding jeans that are moisture-wicking too. 

Cons: They might feel stiffer and heavier than regular denim pants. But, then again, that’s what welding pants are supposed to be like. 

Their cost might also be an issue for some women. However, since welding is a tough job with the threat of burns from sparks, fire, and flames, these wrangler pants are highly recommended for welding.

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Concluding Thoughts:

Wrangler pants are very good options for welding. The ones that are made of 100% imported cotton are the best options. You should look around for fabrics that have self-extinguish features. 

In the end, it always comes down to awareness. You must understand that only those pants that have the label FR inscribed on them are ideally made for welding. 

We hope this guide has answered all your questions and you’ll be able to make the best purchase to ensure that you do not sustain serious welding workplace injuries. 

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