Do Welding Helmets Charge in the Sun?

A welding helmet is a welder’s best friend. When the kind is right, it will take you a long way, won’t go bad easily, and will reduce your carbon footprint too. Which helmet are we talking about? Well, the solar powered welding helmet, of course!

As the name suggests, a solar-powered welding helmet has a lot to do with the sun. Such welding helmets easily charge in the Sun.

However, even if you don’t get the time to especially keep the helmet in a sunny spot, you don’t have to worry. The UV rays from the welding arc also serve the purpose of charging a solar powered welding helmet.

Do Welding Helmets Charge in the Sun

The gradual shift towards solar powered welding helmets is a clear indication that welders (both novice and experienced) have started realizing the many benefits of using these helmets that are also known as auto-darkening helmets.

The most advanced options are those solar-powered helmets that also have photovoltaic cells. 

If you’ve been meaning to understand how to charge helmets in the sun, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar powered welding helmets, and the many ways in which a welding helmet can protect you, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Dive in to learn everything about these welding helmets!

Do welding helmets recharge in the Sun – The Benefits of Solar Powered Welding Helmets?

Solar welding helmets are incorporated with photovoltaic batteries. When sun rays fall on the helmet, it gets recharged.

In fact, the batteries get charged up and that energy is stored. So, yes, welding helmets easily charge in the sun. 

There are many benefits that stem out of this very feature that solar helmets are charged by the Sun. Some of the most noteworthy benefits are as follows:

1.) A solar welding helmet doesn’t really require an on and off switch. It gets automatically recharged in the sun. Since that very energy is stored inside the cells, even when there’s no sun or there’s an electric failure, the welding helmet still works by utilizing the preserved energy. 

2.) Since energy is conserved and the solar helmet also utilizes the UV rays, it actually preserves the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. 

3.) The solar powered welding helmet protects not just from infrared rays and heat, it also protects the eyes from glare, brightness, UV rays, and debris. 

How to Charge a Solar Welding Helmet?

Charging a solar welding helmet isn’t tough. The first way to charge it is by keeping it under the sun. The energy from the Sun is trapped inside the photovoltaic cells in the welding helmet. 

There’s, however, another way to recharge a solar welding helmet that does not require the Sun. 

As soon as the welding arc is established, it starts emitting the UV rays. The welding helmet puts to use the energy from the UV rays from the welding arc exactly like it uses the rays from the Sun.

Hence, you can also charge your welding helmet with the help of the welding arc. 

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The Advantages of a Solar Welding Helmet – Are Solar welding helmets good?

Solar welding helmets have many superior advantages that make them better than battery-operated helmets. Let’s explore those advantages so that you can make a conscious decision whether you’d like to use a solar welding helmet.

1.) A solar welding helmet is lightweight. Hence, it’s very comfortable to wear this helmet for long hours. 

2.) They’re auto-darkening welding helmets. You don’t have to juggle between different switches. Hence, it’s easy to operate solar welding helmets.

3.) Unlimited battery life is a sure advantage since these helmets last for a very long time. It makes them economical too.

4.) Whether you’re welding indoors or outdoors, solar welding helmets are the perfect companions. 

3 Disadvantages of Solar Welding Helmets – Do Auto-darkening helmets go bad?

1.) Choosing solar welding helmets is tricky. A lot of things have to be considered. For instance, buying older models that do not have replaceable batteries can prove to be a costly mistake. 

2.) Despite they’re lightweight, transporting them can still be an issue. 

3.) There’s no room for error. If you buy a quality that’s lower than the best, the helmet won’t last for as long as expected. 

Solar welding helmets are also known as auto-darkening helmets because the very second high-intensity light and heat from the arc falls on them, they become dark, immediately protecting the eyes from glare, sparks, heat, and rays. 

Auto-darkening helmets do not go bad if the batteries are strong and high-quality products. In case the batteries are weak, the helmet won’t be able to offer absolute protection when the light intensity will be high.

In this situation, the auto-darkening welding helmet won’t work. You’ll have to replace the batteries.

2 High-Quality Solar Welding Helmets that You Can Trust

1.) Solar Powered Welding Helmet by DEKO

This is an ANSI-approved solar welding helmet that’s equipped with lithium-ion batteries and solar cells. The many advanced features that have earned it the top spot in our list of top 2 solar powered welding helmets are as follows:

1.) It takes just 1/25000 seconds for the helmet to get dark as soon as welding begins.

2.) The filters it is provided with offer better color recognition and enhanced clarity, even from tricky angles. 

3.) The battery life of the helmet is 5000 hours.

4.) This helmet is ideal for welding in many industries that include automotive, construction, metal production, military, and repair. 

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2.) True Color LYG-Q800D Solar Powered Helmet by YESWELDER

This amazing ANSI-approved solar powered welding helmet offers spectacular front clarity as well as side clarity.

Besides, no matter if it’s TIG welding, MIG welding, or Plasma welding, this solar welding helmet is the perfect option for all types.

The many advanced features of this auto-darkening helmet have been explained below. Have a look!

1.) It offers an optical clarity of 1/1/1/2. 

2.) The response time to turn from bright to dark is just 1/10000 seconds.

3.) It has replaceable batteries.

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Why do I need an auto-darkening solar helmet?

An auto-darkening helmet will protect your eyes from all kinds of threats involved in welding: sparks, UV rays, infrared rays, heat, debris, glare, and brightness.

Besides, no matter whether you’re welding indoor or outdoor, and no matter the type of welding being done (stick welding, TIG welding, or MIG welding), auto-darkening solar helmets offer solid protection.  

How long does a welding helmet battery last?

A high-quality welding helmet with replaceable batteries usually comes with a warranty of about 7 years to a decade. 

How to charge a solar welding helmet without sun?

Since they’re known as solar powered helmets, it’s a widespread belief that solar welding helmets can only be charged under the Sun.

That’s, however, not true. These helmets are also charged using the UV rays coming from the arc while welding is being carried out. 

Concluding Thoughts:

A solar welding helmet can be easily charged under the Sun and by UV rays from the welding arc without any effort. The performance of these helmets is spectacular and so is their life. 

As long as you’ve purchased the best quality, solar welding helmets will last for a very long time. In a nutshell, we hope that you have understood the entire hype behind these helmets and the many advantages that make them better options than all other types of welding helmets. 

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