Is Faux Leather Good for Welding?

Faux leather or synthetic leather is used for various purposes. Made from man-made fabric this material makes up for a lot of items that you use daily such as jackets, shoes, upholstery, luggage, sports items and more.

But, are they good for welding clothes is whole another thing to ponder. Well. let’s look into it…

Artificial leather is made from petroleum-based raw materials. Hence, it has some innate properties that do not support high heat.

If you’re using synthetic leather jackets or pants as welding protective layers, you might be risking your safety for these can easily melt causing harm to your skin. Yet, there might be occasions where faux leather welding clothes can be useful.Is Faux Leather Good for Welding

What are the risks of using faux leather clothes for welding?

Synthetic leather as the name suggests has particles of polyester in it. Polyester is plastic reformed to make it a fabric suitable for making clothes. 

Synthetic leather has a lot of advantages such as:

      • It is heat resistant
      • It does not wear easily
      • It is durable
      • It is less expensive than real leather
      • It is animal friendly
      • It requires less maintenance

A process like welding is intense and radiates a high amount of heat that can melt almost anything. And if polyester is anywhere near during a welding process, it can easily cause damage.

Polyester, when melted, will shrink and become sticky. You risk getting burned if it comes in contact with your skin. Faux leather is highly flammable. So if the situation gets worse, a fire can also wreak havoc!

When is faux leather used in welding?

Faux leather fabric is rarely recommended for welding clothes. However, there are situations where faux leather clothes can be used.

When you are involved in less intensive work that does require you to be near a hot arc. Grinding, for instance, is not a dangerous process. However, It is unavoidable to finish a welding task successfully.

The stubborn spatter and excess weld should be ground off when the welded area is uneven after the molten metal has cooled. For this, there is welding equipment.

They run on current but do not radiate heat like a welding arc. The welder need not be on guard as he should be while welding.

Synthetic leather clothes can be used here. As the element of heat is less, the risk of getting burned or catching fire is comparatively lesser than in hard-core welding. So if you are looking for a way to use your already-bought faux leather welding jacket, utilize it for these situations.

What to do if I used faux leather and I burned my skin while welding?

Weld burn should be treated as soon as you get inflicted. Do not touch the affected area, for it may make it worse. 

Step 1: Get out of the welding gear giving your skin the space to breathe. 

Step 2: Next, observe the depth of the burn. If severe, it is ideal to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Taking care of such burns might not help you heal but make the condition even more dangerous. If the burn is peripheral, you can deal with it by yourself. 

Step 3: Remove any jewelry or other items that might come in the way of the injured area. 

Step 4: Keep your hand under cold running water. Make sure that the burned area is clean before you do this.

Step 5: Pat the area dry with a soft clean cloth and remove any water droplets that might linger.

Step 6: Wrap the area with a clean bandage. The wrapping should not be tight. Air circulation is is necessary for faster healing.

Change the bandage daily. It is also advised to apply petroleum jelly whenever possible as it aids in healing.

If not faux leather, then what is the best fabric for welding clothes?

Welding clothes are the most effective when they are made of 100% cotton or 100% leather or a mix of both. 

Made of natural fibers, cotton is not flammable. Cotton is more breathable than most of the other fabrics ensuring that the wearer is adequately ventilated while he is at work.

Cotton is comfortable and lightweight. FR or Fire Resistant cotton welding clothes are the best options as these are made of chemically treated cotton that can withstand heat.

Pure leather is also a good option. Unlike faux leather, pure leather is durable and is not highly flammable. A welding arc’s heat cannot damage pure leather.

Moreover, the material is comfortable and stylish. Spark, abrasions, and spatter have no effect on pure leather. Hence, the material is recommended for the most arduous welding procedures.

Five best welding jackets

1.) Lincoln Electric Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket 

This incredible jacket’s body is made of FR premium cotton, while the sleeves are finished in full leather.

You get the best of both here, as the jacket is made especially for those looking for comfort and safety while welding. Cotton ensures that the wearer does not get too hot and makes the jacket lightweight.

2.) Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket 

Made with heavy-duty cowhide leather, this jacket is quite popular among its users. The stylish orange-tanned jacket is known for its back opening and snug fit.

Coming with a thick body that gives enough protection to carry out a typical welding task, the users have mentioned majorly two drawbacks. First is how the buttons easily come off and the second is the bleeding of the color.

Make sure you do not wash it with other clothes. The most commonly reported issue is how the jacket seems to be smaller than its usual size. So ensure that you are buying your size.

3.) Black Stallion Navy FR Cotton Welding Jacket

The welding jacket comes with features that can help in making your job easier. The fabric is tough enough not to let any sparks or spatter pass through.

Offers good protection for the neck due to the high collar covering every direction. Ideal for short-term work. Might not give the best result when used for intensive long-term work. 

4.) Revco Men’s Waist

The cotton welding jacket is low-priced and can be used for a danger-free welding experience. Made to cover the neck, upper body and hands, this jacket is lightweight and made of good-quality cotton.

But beware that the product might not be the best option for overhead welding with large weld puddles. 

5.) YESWELDER Welding Jacket

Cowhide leather, stand collar, snap closure and stylish look make this jacket one of the best options. The stitching and material have been chosen by the manufacturers keeping the comfort of the wearer in mind.

Works best even for heavy-duty welding, this jacket comes with only one drawback. People with huge stature might want to check the measurements before choosing their jackets. Some find it to be small.

To Wrap up

There is no doubt here. Always go for leather or cotton welding jackets for both comfort and safety. You can only have a faux leather welding jacket for the mildest welding tasks.

Keeping your body and face safe should be the utmost priority at all times while welding. So make sure to use everything that can ensure the same.

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