Do Welders Require an Extension Cord?

Extension cord for welders might seem like any other additional equipment. But it is not that simple. From the basic query of their need in welding to much more complex matters regarding the same, this blog is going to give you a good insight about welding extension cords.

Yes, welders require extension cords if you want to improve the portability of the machine, to reduce the additional set up of outlets, or to ensure that the current flow is accommodated without much messiness in the working area. Moreover, there are other advantages that these equipment add to your work.

Do Welders Require an Extension Cord

Are the normal extension cords the same as welding extension cords?

Welding extension cords are not the same as the normal extension cords that you use. This is why you need to have specific knowledge regarding this equipment. This is essential, for, safety really matters in welding.

In welding, the current flow does not stay the same. Due to the variation in the welding flame, the current keeps fluctuating giving the flame its characteristics.

The variation is therefore a part of the procedure and is essential to melt metals making them strong enough to withstand time.

Welding extension cords are therefore made, unlike the usual extension cords. They are sophisticated to handle the continuous change in current flow. 

To understand the requirements that help to choose the right welding extension cords you need to know certain basic terms and their definition. Let’s have a quick look into these:

1.) Gauge: This shows the thickness of the wire. The thicker a wire is, the lesser will be the gauge value. And lower the gauge value; the higher will be the current flow.

Gauge also comes with a second number that denotes the number of wires accommodated inside the protective layer. This number however will be directly proportional to the current flow.

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2.) Voltage: The potential capacity of a machine to handle electricity. Welding machines will come with the voltage specified by the manufacturer. Checking the same is necessary to choose the extension cord that can go with your needs.

3.) Amperage: Defines the flow of electricity. To run a large welder, you will need extension cords that can handle heavy amperage. Welders demand amperage in different quantities depending upon the type and size.

4.) Watts: The product of voltage and amperage gives watts. Knowing watts can help you determine the type of extension cord that you choose.

The pros of having a welding extension cord

Using a welding extension cord has a few advantages that make the process easier:

Adds Portability: Well, this goes without saying. An extension cord gives you flexibility. You can put your welder in one corner and do your task without any hindrance.

Keep messiness at bay: Welding extension cables will help to maintain a tidy environment. They replace a huge amount of wires that otherwise can take up a significant space between the outlet and the machine.

Saves money: Setting up sockets and outlets to accommodate the electricity needs of the machines is essential. However, with a welding extension cord, all this can be avoided. This reduces the overall cost you incur in the process.

Why do you need to be careful while choosing the settings of your welding extension cords?

Welding extension cords like standard extension cords are made up of wires. And before you choose your one, remember the terms that we discussed earlier.

You need to check if all the values specified by the manufacturer of the cord are compatible with the welder machine.

If you falter in choosing your extension cords according to the understanding of the terms, you might have to face the following problems while engaging in work:

      1. Your extension cord can be overheated leading to a short circuit resulting in damage.
      2. Dropping of voltage leading to the hindrance of the process
      3. Can result in electric shocks
      4. Can blow a fuse
      5. Severe accidents like fire
      6. Can compromise your safety in other ways.

Features that make your welding extension cord extra useful

1.) Heavy-duty: Heavy-duty welding extension cable is highly useful for they are capable of handling electricity at high power. For welding purposes that require heavy work, heavy-duty extension cords are vital.

2.) Withstand temperature change: Welding extension cords that can stand temperature changes are excellent choices. If they cannot take the fall and rise in the temperature, they can get damaged easily.

3.) Compatibility: Being compatible with different types of welder machines is quite handy when it comes to welding extension cords. This enables you to use the same extension cords without wasting cost and time each time you use a different welder. 

4.) High-quality: Look for extension cords that are made with good quality materials. This not just helps you in ensuring safety, but gives the luxury of using a piece of equipment that lasts for a long time. They will be durable and will not wear and tear with continuous use.

5.) Length: Going by one of the major purposes of welding extension cords, length matters. The longer the cord is, the better the convenience of using the welder as per your needs.

6.) All-copper wires: Copper wires conduct electricity well and hence the presence of the elements ensures a smooth flow of current.

7.) LED lights: LED lights at the end of the wire are another useful feature that a welding extension cord can have. This helps the user know when the cord is working.

8.) Water resistance: The change in atmosphere is inevitable during your work. It can get humid or wet in a matter of a few hours. Good welding extension cords will be water-resistant to prevent any accidents that can happen while you weld using machines that solely work on electricity.

9.) Insulation: Insulation against abrasions and chemical exposure is a vital feature that maintains the life of the welding cord. These are common during welding work and having a protective layer keeps the effect of these at bay.

Should I make a welding extension cord?

Making a welding extension cord is possible. When you make a cord, you get to have the equipment that serves your need rightly and also save bugs that you will have to spend if you go to buy good quality extension cords from stores.

However, there are a lot of things that you have to look out for before you built a welding extension of your own.

Unless you are an expert in electrical stuff or a professional electrician who has studied the nuances of the field, it is better you do not go to build a cord for this might result in some accidents that are even fatal. 

Buying an extension cord for welding is always the best option. Remember to buy only good-quality ones that are made by certified manufacturers. These come with a guarantee and ensure safety better than any cord that you make at home.

Top welding cords available in the market

Here is a list of the most popular welding extension cords you can find on Amazon:

1.) BougeRV 40 Amp 40 ft NEMA 6-50 Welder Extension Cord

Reach any corner of your welding room without losing amperage power with this extension cord. The parts are made to stay for quite a long time that you do not have to even have a thought of going for a new one in the years to come.

2.) Miady 25ft 50AMP Welder Extension Cord

Coming with a sturdy exterior and heavy body, this welding extension cord is an excellent choice to be used for heavy-duty works. With this at your hand, you can easily pull your welding cart at least 25 feet away without any hurdle.

3.) YESWELDER 40ft 250 Volt Welder Extension Cord

An extension cord that comes with the essential qualities yet is affordable for anyone. Known for its quality and excellent craftsmanship, this cord has many positive reviews proving its worthiness.

4.) RVGUARD 250V 20 Feet Welder Extension Cord

Compatible with most of the welders in the market, this extension cord comes with a bag and carry handle making it convenient for you to take it anywhere you go. Crafted for heavy-duty works and full of interesting features, this extension cord is something that you ought to try.


Remember to choose the welding extension cord for your needs after a thorough understanding of your requirement. They play a significant role in the process and carry importance in ensuring your safety.

Moreover, in case of an accident your insurance can be denied if you have not used the cord that goes with your welding needs.

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